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DAWIZZ Software - Your Solution for Efficiency and Organisation

Welcome to DAWIZZ Software, a powerful tool that revolutionises your operational processes.
Our versatile software has been designed to support businesses in various areas, whether in sales, production, or project-oriented manufacturing. Discover how DAWIZZ streamlines your operations and provides you with a clear, organised future.

Our DAWIZZ Organisational Software is a comprehensive solution for all types of organisations and project-oriented work.
Manage projects, clients, employees, schedules, plans, and more, while the system automates tasks and facilitates assignments. From Outlook emails to file storage in the right project folders – everything happens seamlessly and efficiently.

  • Personnel Management: Master data, working hours accounts, monitoring of legal requirements, leave planning, holiday requests, travel expenses.
  • Invoice (Suppliers): Inquiries, orders, goods receipts, supplier invoices, supplier credits.
  • Invoice (Customers): Quotations, order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices, credits.
  • Accounting: Open item lists, payment monitoring, dunning, takeover of bank statements with semi-automatic allocation of incoming and outgoing payments.
  • Inventory Management: Master data, relocations, inventory management, warehouse management, equipment management, demand planning.
  • Production: Workforce planning, production, downtimes, rejects, tool changes, capacity utilization.

For all modules, DAWIZZ provides all imaginable, freely definable statistics.

DAWIZZ helps to minimise recurring errors, monitor tool standstills, and control rejection rates. You'll maintain an overview of machinery, facilities, and costs, reducing waste and unproductive activities, and asserting warranty claims against machine manufacturers.

Imagine your field sales representative can instantly access all relevant information during a customer visit: customer address, past revenues from your SAP system, ordered products from production, and other statistics. With DAWIZZ, you receive this data up-to-date and clearly presented on a laptop. Say goodbye to manual exports, thanks to seamless synchronisation in our Q-CRM module.

  • Easy integration of data into performance billing and records.
  • Clear documentation of important activities for records.
  • Resource and personnel deployment planning.
  • Seamless integration with to-do lists, Outlook, and smartphones.
  • Precise allocation of documents, photos, emails, and files.
  • Personalised interface for a clear display of your data.
  • Seamless working environment regardless of the used PC.
  • Flexible adaptation of fields, functions, and modules as needed.

Whether you're a service provider, project manager, or a large enterprise, with our DAWIZZ Software, you're creating an efficient, organised future for your business.
Contact us today to learn more and experience the power of DAWIZZ for yourself.


Our Custom Solutions, Tailored Prices.

We understand that every business has unique requirements, which is why we offer custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. As requirements may vary from project to project, the costs for our DAWIZZ Software are shaped accordingly.

Keep Track.

Our approach to pricing is transparent and fair. We work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide the best solutions. Based on the complexity, scope, and customisations needed for your specific requirements, we develop a tailored price proposal.

Benefit with DAWIZZ.

The benefits of our software solutions far outweigh the investment you make. DAWIZZ offers you a significant increase in efficiency, clear organisational structures, and smooth operation of your business processes. These factors contribute to reducing operating costs and increasing productivity.

If you'd like to learn more about our pricing models or request a custom quote for your business, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is here to answer your questions and assist you in choosing the best solution for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

DAWIZZ is a tailored business software solution aimed at supporting businesses, including those with 50 or more employees, in various areas such as sales, production, and project management. It provides real-time information, automatic data synchronization, and more.

DAWIZZ enables efficient resource planning, improves project control, streamlines workflows, and provides access to real-time data and reports.

DAWIZZ stands out for its high adaptability. It offers a flexible data system that can be expanded with various modules to meet the specific requirements of businesses.

DAWIZZ is suitable for companies in mechanical engineering, parts manufacturing, and project-oriented manufacturing. It can also be used in engineering offices and other project-oriented companies.

No, DAWIZZ is designed to be user-friendly even for individuals without an IT background. It works in the background and automates many workflows.

The costs for DAWIZZ are project-based and vary depending on the specific requirements of a business. We offer tailored solutions to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Yes, DAWIZZ is mobile-friendly and can be used on various devices. It gives you the flexibility to access your data while on the go.

Yes, DAWIZZ is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations.
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About Us

Proudly made in Ulm, Germany.

The Danube city in Baden-Württemberg is not only the birthplace of Albert Einstein but also of anndrag GmbH.

At anndrag's founding in 2001, our founder, an experienced graduate business economist, brought over 15 years of experience and extensive knowledge in sales and software development in the industrial goods industry to the company.

Our expertise lies in the development and implementation of innovative business software solutions known under the name DAWIZZ. Originally developed for mechanical engineering and specialised parts manufacturing, DAWIZZ was launched in collaboration with anndrag GmbH and CONISAL GmbH. anndrag GmbH continued the development of DAWIZZ in the field of machine and parts manufacturing, resulting in a comprehensive program package now used by over 2,000 users both domestically and internationally. In fact, in this customer segment, DAWIZZ can even capture, process, and evaluate machine data online.

We take pride in infusing our extensive experience and dedication into every aspect of our software solutions, providing our customers with a powerful platform for their business requirements.

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